The playground allows you to test all features of our API: Generating screenshots or PDFs of websites or from your own code.

The URL from which we should take a screenshot or PDF.

Generates a JPG screenshot of the given website or code

Generate a PDF for the given website or code

Viewport Settings

Leave this field blank if you want to capture the full height of a website.

If checked, we will take a screenshot of the entire height of the website.

Paper Settings

Paper format used when creating a PDF

Advanced Settings

Browser Settings

The number of milliseconds the browser should way before taking a screenshot.

The number of seconds after the browser times out

Do not load background images

Hide Dialogs and Alerts created by JavaScript

Wait for a period of 500 ms with no network activity before taking the screenshot or PDF to ensure all additional resources are loaded

Tell the browser, to disable JavaScript for this request

Tell the browser to not check CORS headers emitted by the website

Tell the browser, to ignore all HTTPS errors.

Use a valid CSS Selector like `#content` or `.main`.

You can screenshot only a portion of the page by using the clip values.

Specify the target medium the browser should use.

Add your own HTTP Headers which should be sent to the given URL

Add Cookies to automatically log in users to your application.

Enter Username and Passwort to bypass Basic Authentication

Generated Output

The generated image or PDF will be shown here …


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