The Playground

Welcome to the playground. Here you can test screeenly with all of its features for free. Feel free to create screenshots of your own websites, PDFs of articles or the rendered HTML of your favourite shop.

By enabling or changing settings the JSON payload is automatically generated which is required to recreate the request in the API.

You can import your own payload to make debugging your API implementation easier.


screeenly can generate 3 types of outputs: Screenshots, PDFs and the rendered HTML. Depending on your selection, some settings will be disabled.

Output Type


Enter the URL or your own HTML, CSS and JavaScript code for which screeenly should create a screenshot, a PDF or return the rendered HTML code.


screeenly allows you to change many settings and features of the browser, which is taking your screenshot or PDF. Tinker with the settings below and see how they affect the result.

The playground currently doesn't expose all settings our API supports. For a full list of settings check out the documentation.


A screenshot of the entire height of the website will be taken.

Browser Settings

Milliseconds to wait before taking a screenshot.

Seconds after the browser times out.

Disable JavaScript for this request.

Hide Dialogs and Alerts created by JavaScript.

Wait for a period of 500 ms with no network activity before taking the screenshot or PDF to ensure all additional resources are loaded.

Do not check CORS headers emitted by the website.

Don't load background images

Use a valid CSS Selector like `#content` or `.main`.

You can screenshot only a portion of the page by using the clip values.

Specify the target medium the browser should use.

Add your own HTTP Headers which should be sent to the given URL.

Attach one or multiple Cookies to the Request.

Enter Username and Password to bypass Basic Authentication.

The generated screenshot, PDF or HTML code will be displayed here after a successful run.

API Payload

The field below contains the API payload to recreate this playground in our API. Change settings and values on the left hand side and see the changes reflected in the payload below.

    "url": "https:\/\/\/wiki\/Special:Random",
    "file_type": "jpg",
    "window_width": 1440,
    "window_height": 800,
    "timeout": 10,
    "css_media_type": "screen"

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